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:party::boogie: 20000!!!!! now I am heading to the 30000!!!:flirty:
Tue Oct 31, 2006, 5:58 PM
Wed Oct 25, 2006, 7:13 PM
Mon Oct 23, 2006, 3:30 PM
Mon May 30, 2005, 4:30 PM
Raaaaaaaawrrrrr!!!! :XD: HALLO!
Thu May 26, 2005, 3:23 PM


I was featured!

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 17, 2017, 12:17 PM

You are cordially invited to join digidestineds from 12 realities into one of the craziest adventures from the whole series and see who´s the one standing victorious in the so called Angels Wars.

Today I found out that one of my oldest yet most popular fanarts pokemon vs digimon ...sure by Ayhelenk
had been featured, among other cool piccies, in an article from The Gamer

The article is :

"20 Hilarious Digimon Vs. Pokemon Comics only true fans will understand"

My fancomic is listed nº 7  and here´s what the writer wrote about it:

Here we have Ash picking a fight with another DigiDestined, and this time it’s poor little T.K.. Now, I’m going to give Ash the benefit of the doubt and assume he never actually bullied little kids like this in the show, but in the games, player characters frequently battle against youngsters and even preschoolers. A nice person might decide to take it easy on these kids, so as not to crush their self-esteem or hurt their cute pets in front of them. Player characters, on the other hand, have no mercy, beating the snot out of those preschoolers’ pets and then taking their lunch money.

Like divine justice, Angemon comes forth to avenge the injustice caused to these children by trainers like Ash. Fortunately, Pikachu’s got the right idea. Just cut your losses and walk away while you still can.


One thing though, I still think that as a series Digimon is way more interesting  than Pokemon  , plotwise at least (and Takari and their angels above everythinbg! ;).
When it comes to most of the games, I am on the Pokemon side.

Well, whatever, thanks a lot to The Gamer staff for promoting one of my old fanarts :blowkiss:


Lovely Stamps

An ardent Angemon x Angewomon & Takari fan, I enjoy drawing as much as I enjoy eating a chocolate. Alternately, I am writing a novel and I could always use a hug and nice words! Hugs for everybody! :blowkiss:

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Considering adding other fans' fanfics into my Digimon site, are you interested on joining the wagon? 

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Daisuke meets Shukumeimon
From my digimon

After finally getting rid of Oikawa Malomyotismon launched a gruesome attack over the digidestineds and they ended, for some time, trapped in their dreams.

Daisuke Motomoya supposedly was the only one who didn´t fall for that...but....he ended appearing somewhere else.

The whole deal just took place for a couple of moments but for Daisuke felt like an eternity...Shukumeimon gave a hand, surely, and told Daisuke how to help his friends.
Daisuke and veemon would never talk about how terrifying was meeting with Shukumeimon...
The Brother complex
From chapter XV from my digimon
Note: I did some photomanipulation in order to convey better the scene :)

The lad was just trying to be polite, of course. But the sister didn´t think so.

“May we take a picture together?” asked the girls at the same time.

“Why not?”

If he was the Tohma H. Norstein from 5 years ago, he would had told them to get lost. Instead, he showed another of his rare smiles and posed for a selfie session.

“AWESOME!” Lisette happily waved her cellphone, ready to boast about meeting one of the newest and hottest celebrities of the moment. “Danke! !”

And to express their sincerity, each girl kissed the young man on the cheeks. Relena´s goodwill sank to the bottom of the ocean, she couldn´t stand it anymore!

“Hey you two!” she hurriedly rejoined Tohma and, possessive, embraced him from behind “Could you please quit it?!”

“…ah…nice to meet you?” the girls wondered why the little blonde was staring at them with such hatred.

“Relena…?” Tohma ´s cheeks blushed , his little sister had the ominous custom of displaying her affections in public. Despite being half German, his Japanese blood still demanded for a more sober behavior.

“YOU SCOUNDREL!” Relena pointed her finger at her sibling “I leave for ten minutes and you are already FLIRTING with SOMEONE ELSE!”

“Wait..!” he barely could believe what she was saying “What…?!”

Relena´s eyes began to shed some tears.

“I am aware that my body´s far from being perfect…but…but” she began to sneeze, inconsolable “Just because they are D-CUPs doesn´t mean you have the right  to CHEAT ON ME!!”

Suddenly EVERYBODY ´s eyes was following the scene. From the passing waitress to the American tourists, in less than a minute Tohma Norstein passed to be from the youngest Nobel Prize winner to a soulless jerk who dared to break his girlfriend´s heart!

“No! No!” he waved his hands nervously “It´s not what it seems!!”

Maria and Lisette kept staring at him, dumbfounded.

“I discovered a cure for my sister´s illness…and she´s my sister!” he added quickly.

Relena hugged him tighter.

“We share a bond that none of you, girls, will ever dream to have. So please, if you are done with the photo session…may you leave us ALONE? NOW?!”

Maria and Lisette exchanged a horrified glance, they once visited Japan. And they certainly learned one thing or two about their eccentricities…or at least, they read some of the mangas. Japan was the land where, at least in mangas, you could break down some taboos…

“Ugh…yes, yes…have a lovely afternoon” Unable to hide their horror, they hurried back to their table where the rest of their female friends were waiting; they didn´t hesitate to share what happened at the Northstein table.

“Hell! That´s a messed up couple of siblings...!!”


From my digimon

“How long have  I been looking for you, brother?

I already lost count of time…it could be a day or an eternity; like wandering spirit I have gone through time and space hoping to hear once more the sound of your beautiful piano…

No matter how many challenges I am faced with, no matter how many enemies threaten to bring chaos to the realities…I still believe that someday I will be able to find you. Because Hope never dies…

There are so many things I want to tell you. First, despite not having achieved my goal yet, I realized how blessed I am for all the wonderful people I happened to meet; second, you were right. I was fated to find Love and despite my best efforts, I was unable to outrun Him anymore.

Third, I carried one one of your dreams..I mastered the piano and can´t wait to play “Hey Jude” with you. I bet you´ll be surprised how many  things I gained during these years…sooner or later, I´ll find you”


Nova Takariyama

Holy Engagement
From my digimon

This scene takes place sometimes after their glorious night :pointr: , Nova is now 20 (and she´s also an Angewomon´s human incarnation) and happily became engaged to Ange....

Especially dedicated to :iconimaphantomfan: and @warrenthepatamon for always saying nice things about me and my fanarts :blowkiss:
Breaking down the illusion
Another scene from  a short story in progress from my

"What are you so afraid about that brought you here and insist on playing the princess role?" would say Nova almost losing her patience with Mimi "The prince you are yearning not me. Please, I beg you, stop lying to yourself! Running away to a world of illusion will give you nothing! Go back where you belong and try to overcome your fear once at all...!"

A temporary juxtaposition happened between Nova Takariyama from reality 12  and Mimi from reality 01. Nova passed out for some moments during a gruesome battle against Piedmon while Mimi passed out for sometime when Myotismon put everyone in the convention center under a sleep spell. Mimi by accident ends having an out-of-body experience and will briefly meet Nova in Anubismon´s realm. Nova´s trying to gather back the Royal Knights that fell under Piedmon´s blades and begging Anubismon to fasten their revival. Nova will initially not appreciate Mimi´s presence but Anubismon will insist Nova on helping her find her way back to her reality or he won´t let her meet with her fallen comrades.
Mimi , when finally wakes up, she´ll find out she´d been asleep for few minutes bu she´d gotten a new push and newly found determination from her extraordinary adventure to resume her own battle...

The short story can be read here:… (soon to be concluded) . It´s quite a peculiar short story but I like writing strange stories :) (Smile)



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